Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of riding at Ratcliffe Equestrian as of 1st February 2017

Hacks and lessons are priced the same and are subject to the same Terms & Conditions. Anyone wishing to hack must have a ridden assessment in the school to ensure safety and competency for the level of hack they wish to do.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation on the same day for any reason = 100% lesson fee
  • Cancellation the day before for any reason = 50% lesson fee
  • Cancellation 48hrs or more for any reason = no fee

Weather Policy

We decide if the weather conditions indicate the need to cancel lessons – there is no charge if we cancel. Should you decide to cancel due to the weather but we are running lessons you will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

Mounting and Dismounting

Mounting and dismounting are part of your lesson and is therefore included in your lesson time slot.

Lesson Charges

Lesson prices are printed overleaf – you will be charged for the lesson type you have. For example, if you normally ride with a friend in a semi-private lesson, but your friend can’t come and you ride on your own – you will be charged for a private lesson. Equally if you normally ride alone, but for some reason had to share your lesson, your cost would be reduced to the semi-private price.


Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque or online transfer. Should you wish to pay via online transfer you must get this agreed by Karen Davidson – BEFORE – your lesson. Cash and Cheque payments must be made before or at the time of the lesson – No payment = No lesson

Regular Slots & No Shows

Regular Slots: To ensure you can ride regularly at a time and day that suits you we would encourage you to commit to a regular slot – this can be at whatever interval works best for you (most commonly weekly, fortnightly or monthly – please discuss this with your instructor). As long as you tell us the dates you are unable to ride in advance, we will hold your slot for you and you will not be subject to any charges to hold the slot (with exception of standard cancellation policy).

Casual Slots: You are under no obligation to book a regular slot and may choose to ride as and when. If this is your preference you must give at least a day’s notice that you wish to ride and you understand that although we will do our best to accommodate you, availability may be limited or even unavailable are the time/day you are hoping to ride.

No shows: For both regular and casual slots, no shows for any reason are subject to 100% cancellation fee. For regular slots, you will be expected to pay your cancellation fee alongside your lesson fee the next time you ride. For casual slots, you will be expected to settle your outstanding fee before being able to book your next lesson.

Health & Safety

Clothing: For your own safety, you must wear appropriate clothing – comfy trouser (Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, jodhpurs), boots or shoes not too wide and with a small heel (Wellies, riding boots – NEVER trainers) t-shirt, jumper, coat (must be zipped/buttoned up) appropriate to the weather. Hard hat to current British standards (available for hire).
Recommended = gloves with grip. Optional = back protector. For clarification speak to your instructor about advice on clothing – you may wear you own hat SUBJECT to our approval that we are satisfied with its fit and that it is to standard.

Instruction: Please follow all instructions given to you by any member of staff – as well as you learning to ride, these instructions will be for your safety.

Yard Rules: Please adhere to all yard rules, these are in place for the safety of yourself, other clients, the staff and the horses.

Horse Welfare

Our horse’s welfare is paramount to all that we do. For this reason, there will be occasions when horses are off the work rota and unavailable for lessons. We also operate a weight restriction system – a list of horse’s and the weight they can carry is on display in our office.

Client Documentation

All clients are required to complete rider registration forms before riding (parents may complete for under 18s), being sure to disclose any medical conditions and previous experience. Under 18s are also required to have a parent signed photo permission slip (your instructor can give you help with these forms). All client details are keep private and are only for use within Ratcliffe Equestrian Ltd business operation and requirements.