Happy Hacker Discount Card

I would like to share with you all the launch of our “Happy Hackers” Discount Card 😁🐴❤️
Some of you love to hack, but I know a lot of you prefer lessons. The reality is at this time of year our outgoings increase and this weather has caused our income to decrease, so we really are grateful to those of you who are able to stick with us…….. and this card is our little way of saying “Thank you” ❤️🐴❤️

How we operate is changing!!!


This post is to inform you that Ratcliffe Equestrian is changing.  The instructors will now operate on an individual freelance basis to deliver lessons to their own clients.

Who will the freelance instructors be?

Karen, Hannah, Amanda, Kirsten & Lara

From September 1st lessons will be ‘book as you go” meaning after each lesson you book the next one, agreeing a time that is mutually convenient for you and your instructor.  Whilst your instructor will endeavour to always  fit you in, quite possibly at the same time/day each week, there is no guarantee of a regular fixed slot. On our contacts page is the phone numbers of all 5 instructors  – you can book in with any instructor of your choice and you can change between instructors or stick with the same one each lesson.

Cancellations – lessons can be cancelled up to the day before the scheduled lesson without incurring a charge.  Same day cancellation for any reason will incur a 50% charge.


Making the most of the British Weather!

There is a saying “When life gives you lemons – make lemonade” With the testing weather this week playing havoc with our lessons, by causing the school to flood, we decided  to adapt our own version of this saying……….

”When the British summer gives you floods – go ride in them!” 🐎🍋🐴

Thanks to all the clients who stuck with us and still rode this weekend! #ridewhatevertheweather

Kate’s Anatomy & Physiology Talk

A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped make Kate’s talk a great success. The talk was interesting, informative and fun. Delivered professionally yet kept informal there was a mixture of talk, discussion, demo and hands on. The weather was perfect. Abbie and Rocky were great examples of the things Kate was showing us, but little Tigger was the star of the show with his endless patience as the demo horse! 🐴😁

After the talk, discussion and demo – Kate was more than a happy to show us how she checks the spine and what she’s feeling for. In Tigger she found his poll slight rotated right, a few misalignments through the back and pelvis slightly rotated to the right.

After Kate had show us how she uses McTimoney treatment to make the adjustments Tigger needed she then showed us some stretches that are really beneficial for the horse.

If you’d like to know about who Kate is and what she does there’s a link to her website in our earlier blog post about this talk or find her on Facebook – search ‘Human, Horse and Hound’

Kate’s Equine Physiology & Anatomy Talk

We are hosting Kate Lord (who does our equine back treatments) from Human, Horse & Hound to give a talk/demo on Equine Anatomy & Physiology. The talk/demo will take place this Saturday (June 1st) at 2pm and is expected to last about 3hrs. Cost £15 adult, £10 child (Children must be at secondary school age or older) If there is a lot of interest from the younger kids Kate Lord is happy to come back another time with a talk/demo designed for that age group 😊
Places MUST be booked in advance Payment can be made before or on the day. We look forward to seeing you there! 🐴

When Ruby came Riding 🐎🐴

So one of the most surreal afternoons ever in the history of Ratcliffe Equestrian!

We had the absolute honour and pleasure of taking Ruby Wax & Ash Ranpura (The Neuroscientist) our for a hack 😁🐎🐴❤️

Check out Ruby’s current Tour “How to be Human” for ticket information go to www.rubywax.net/tour

Age is just a number!

Showing that age is just a number! It was an absolute pleasure to give this grandad a lesson which was a gift from his grandson and his partner 😍 At a young 82yrs old he was able to show the kids how it was done! 😆#inclusion #lovehorses #ageisjustanumber #yournevertoooldtohavefun #familyfun #familytime #lovehorseriding🐎❤️