Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear when I come for my lesson?

Top half of the body – you should wear comfortable clothes, suitable to the weather.

Bottom half of the body – You may ride in jeans, but these can be tight, making them restrictive and uncomfortable, we would recommend jodhpurs, leggings or track suit bottoms. You may not ride in skirts or shorts.

Footwear – sturdy boots or shoes with a small heel, wellington boots are acceptable. Please try to avoid trainers or wide footwear.

What methods of payment do you except?

We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Do you still do lessons in bad weather?

Lessons are only cancelled because of the weather if we consider it necessary – if you choose not to ride but we are still running lessons you will be charged 100% of the lesson cost. Wind and rain are a common part of British weather and horse riding is an outdoor activity so usually we will carry on, however in very heavy rain/strong wind/extreme cold we understand riding is not as much fun and will therefore try to work with you to reschedule the lesson. The only time lessons are outright cancelled is if the weather is severe enough to cause a health and safety concern – for example thunder and lightning, high winds, snow and ice. For further details please see our terms and conditions.

Do I need to buy a hat?

No, we are able to provide hat hire (at a cost of 50p). All our hats are to current safety standards and regularly checked for safety and general condition.

Do you do group Lessons?

We specialise in private lessons, so we do not offer group lessons as a standard option, but we are able to do them. Therefore as friends and/or family if you wish to ride together in group then please contact us to discuss you specific requirements.

We often do group hacks, group activities in the school holidays and we also do birthday parties (adults and children) – please speak to us for further details

What age do you take children from?

We are able to children from 4yrs old.

Is there a weight limit?

The care and welfare of our horses is at the forefront of everything we do, therefore we adhere to the guidelines set out by our vet about the weight load any one horse can carry. Our current weight limit is 15 stone.

Do you do riding for the disabled?

We are not formal RDA riding school and we do not have any specialist equipment, however we strongly believe in inclusion, NOT exclusion so if we are able to cater to your particular needs we are more than happy to do so. For further details please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.

Do you do hacks?

Yes – we do a variety of hacks ranging from short walk/trot gentle hacks to 3 hours cantering across open fields, these can be private hacks or social, group hacks. Anyone is able to go on hacks, but there must be an assessment in school first to ensure competency for the type of hack selected.

Do you do jump lessons?

We do basic jump lessons where we are able to introduce you to the jump position, pole work and small fences, right through to more advanced lessons where we look at show jumping in more detail – different types of fences and heights, setup, approach and landing, seeing and counting strides and riding courses. We also have offer fun lessons looking at Chase me Charlie, Clear Rounds and Rounds against the clock – we have even been known to teach synchronised jumping!

Do you teach people on their own horses?

Yes we are happy to teach people on their own horses, if there is a specific issue to work on we may ask to have a sit on and get a feel for the horse. We do this so we are able to give you more informed advice, support and tuition. You can bring your horse to us or both Karen Davidson and Hannah Matts are insured to do freelance teaching so could come to you if you prefer.

Do you do freelance teaching?

Yes Karen Davidson and Hannah Matts are both insured to freelance teach and are happy to come to your yard and teach there if that is more convenient for you than bringing the horse to us.

What type and size of horse will I ride?

The horse or pony you ride will be matched to you based on height, weight, confidence and previous experience. The horse you ride on your first lesson may not be the horse you continue on with. Once we have seen you ride we will be able to assess your ability and discuss with you what your aims are, this may require us to move you to a more suitable horse.

Will I always ride the same horse every lesson?

Where possible if you feel you would like to stay on the same horse/pony we will accommodate this, you may also stay on the same horse for a series of lessons if you are trying to achieve a certain task. Some people prefer to change horses to get different experiences and expand their learning and appreciation of how different horses can be. The decision to stay of the same horse or vary it can be made in conjunction with discussions with you instructor.

Do I have to commit to a regular lesson slot?

No you do not have to commit to a regular slot, but should you chose to book as and when, as much as we will try our best to accommodate you, there is no guarantee that the day/time you are after will be available. We therefore recommend that selecting a regular slot avoids disappointment. A regular slot can fall under any routine pattern (eg weekly, fortnightly, every 3rd week, monthly) as long as we know your pattern requirements.