A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped make Kate’s talk a great success. The talk was interesting, informative and fun. Delivered professionally yet kept informal there was a mixture of talk, discussion, demo and hands on. The weather was perfect. Abbie and Rocky were great examples of the things Kate was showing us, but little Tigger was the star of the show with his endless patience as the demo horse! 🐴😁

After the talk, discussion and demo – Kate was more than a happy to show us how she checks the spine and what she’s feeling for. In Tigger she found his poll slight rotated right, a few misalignments through the back and pelvis slightly rotated to the right.

After Kate had show us how she uses McTimoney treatment to make the adjustments Tigger needed she then showed us some stretches that are really beneficial for the horse.

If you’d like to know about who Kate is and what she does there’s a link to her website in our earlier blog post about this talk or find her on Facebook – search ‘Human, Horse and Hound’