We look forward to seeing you for your usual lessons this week and next as the temperatures soar and the  but please remember the following points:

1) Welfare of our horses ALWAYS comes first therefore as much as you can have your usual lesson content there will be lots of opportunities for your horse to rest, stretch and catch their breath
2) Our advice would be to bring a drink (water or flat not fizzy) your instructor will be more than happy to have your drink in the school and pass it to you when the horse is having a rest – keeping hydrated is important (your instructors will be drinking plenty!)
3) A necessity of riding is the clothing you wear – however thin leggings rather than jodhpurs, Joddie boots without chaps, are just examples of ways to be safe but help control your temperature (we want you to have fun and enjoy you lesson not faint with heat exhaustion!)
4) Whilst I appreciate its hot you will not be allow to ride in shorts/skirts/dresses
5) Suncream is an must and fly repellent is a suggestion
6) please advise us if you have any medical conditions which are not normally an issue but may be aggravated by the heat (such as hay fever, asthma)

If in any doubt about the best way to cope with the temperatures please get in touch – we’re more than happy to help 😁